Omer Alrawi, M.D.

Omer Alrawi, M.D.

M.D., Assistant Professor (Clinician-Educator), Medical Fellow/Resident/Student Instruction


313-745-8041 (fax)

Omer Alrawi, M.D.

Office Address

4160 John R, Suite 908, Detroit, Michigan 48201

Education Training

Medical Education
University of Al-Mustansiriyah College of Medicine, Iraq (09/1998 - 07/2004).

Membership and Honorary/Professional Societies
-Member of American college of physicians.
-Member of National kidney Foundation.
-Member of American society of Nephrology.
-Member of the Jordanian Medical Association.
-Member of the Iraqi Medical Association.

-American Board of Nephrology: Certified 2022
-American Board of Internal Medicine: Certified 2020
-Jordanian Board of Internal Medicine: Certified 2011
-BLS/ACLS: Certified 06/2020

State Licenses
Michigan Medical Doctor, Exp. Date: 12/12/2023.

Volunteer Experience
-01/2005 - 09/2005.
-Baghdad Teaching Hospital, Iraq.
-Rotating Intern Physician.
-Trained for 6 months in internal medicine and 3 months in CCU. I played the role of an intern, taking history, performing physical exam, formulating treatment plan, and discussing it with senior resident, and attending.



-Omer Alrawi, Nehal Altaie, Walid Ibrahim, Ravi Thimmisetty, Yahya M. Osman Malik, Nashat B. Imran. (November, 2017). Hypercalcemia, Lung nodules with a pathological fracture are not always indicative of
Malignancy. Poster presented at ASN; New Orleans, LA, USA.

-Omer Alrawi, Walid Ibrahim, Nehal Altaie, Nashat Imran, Yahya Osman Malik. (April, 2016).Granulomatous Nephrotic Syndrome Secondary to Sarcoidosis. Poster presented at NKF; Orlando, FL, USA.

-Omer Alrawi, Ravi K. Thimmisetty, Yahya M. Osman Malik, Zeenat Y. Bhat. (November, 2016). Unique case of renal failure with severe metabolic alkalosis and hypermagnesaemia requiring hemodialysis. Poster presented at ASN; New Orleans, LA, USA.

-Omer Alrawi, Ravi Kumar Thimmisetty, Adekola Oritsegbubemi, Yahya Osman-Malik, Noreen F Rossi. (April, 2016). A case of primary membranous glomerulopathy with underlying malignancy. Poster presented at NKF; Orlando, FL, USA.

-Omer Alrawi, Ravinder Bhanot, Jasleen Kaur, Zeenat Bhat. (April, 2016). A case report of delayed declotting of thrombosed hemodialysis access in an ESRD patient: Impact on patient care, safety and cost-effectiveness. Poster presented at Wayne state university; Detroit, MI, USA.

-Omer Alrawi, Obead Yaseen, Nehal Altaie, Lakshmi Pathai, Oritsegbubemi Adekola, Zeenat Yousuf Bhat. (April, 2018). A Unique Case of Peritoneal Dialysis Peritonitis. Poster presented at NKF; Austin, TX, USA.

-Omer Alrawi, N. Al-kourainy, S.Agrawal, J.Ramanathan. (October, 2018). A case report of extreme hypomagnesaemia due to chronic PPI use.
Poster presented at ACP; Traverse city, MI, USA.

-IgA nephropathy secondary to hepatitis C infection. A case report to be submitted soon.


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